Ugly, soft, brown spotted Bananas. The look like they’re due for the bin, or if there is an ounce of culinary flair in your household, destined to be turned into banana bread…

For once this post isn’t centred around a work out, nor will it be littered with my usual mild and distasteful whit. This one holds a bit more of a serious edge; something that is new to me and hopefully hugely beneficial for myself and anyone else that suffers with Crohns or similar ailments.

I read today that those soft, ugly brown spotted bananas are potentially a Crohns sufferers yellow-jacketed knight in shining armour. Anyone who suffers with an autoimmune disease such as crohns may or may not remember their Doctor/Consultant/Specialist Nurse talking to them about TNF (Tumour Necrosis Factor) levels in their system. When I was 17/18 the doctor informed me that mine were hugely low and at the time, I don’t think I really comprehended the importance of TNF.

In essence, they combat abnormal cells within the body. Higher TNF levels should equal a stronger defence against these cells and a slow return to a balanced system.

Where do bananas fit into this? I’ve now read this in two sources, the main one the Asian Fund for Cancer Research Ltd. Overly ripe, brown spotted, soft and ugly bananas have a high index of TNF; that has increased as they have ripened.

Link for anyone that’s interested:

(I appreciate the address and title doesn’t directly state crohns on this one)

I mean, I’m shocked by this – good shocked. Although the amount of bananas that I now think back that have been chucked away because of them being like this bugs me a little.

Tomorrow, I am genuinely going to buy a bunch of bananas and wait until they get to this languid state – I may also mine sweep any bananas I see like this that are going begging.

I am assuming this will have a positive impact on my system, but also wonder if it will aid with a reduction in post workout inflammation? Does anyone know if that holds any validity?

If I can think of a informative, short and engaging way of updating you all on Banana-gate then I will.

I’m also relatively proud that I’ve written this without any silliness – a first for me.



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