Flex the Diet!

Eating clean, tracking macros, being ‘healthy’ and eating the right amount. Dieting can be a right pig when you’re training. Getting it right can be one of the hardest aspects of training and carrying out any ‘overhaul’ on your physique.Yep – I struggle with it. I think lurking inside me are the genes of a semi obese man, hell bent on reeking havoc on my frame.

Case in point – we were in Town earlier (Town might be a bit of a stretch for Plymouth…) and they had the food market on… Joy for me when all you need is calories, carbs and fats in a higher then average cocktail. But, also a nightmare for people who are cutting or just trying to loose some unwanted inches.

Those oh-so-good smells of food make it hard to resist. But if you box clever, then there are ways you can get through this trial! These are 3 ridiculously simple and obvious points you can use (there are a boatload more, this is a blog not a lecture )

• Eat before you leave to go out – sounds obvious, but your less likely to splurge out if you’ve got enough fuel inside you.

• Break habits – looks at fresh, alternative foods that you’ve not tried before. There was an awesome middle eastern stall today. Ladened with colourful chilli’s, salads, wraps and shawarma.

• Dial back later – if you can’t resist and delve into a pie or whatever, then compensate later in the day with dropping a meal, macro’s or pushing yourself a bit harder in training – BE OPEN TO ADAPTING. I think I’ve pinched his quote before, but as Kris Gethin says ‘control your environment’, not the other way around.

It’s only as hard as you make it when it comes to diet and getting it correct. For me, I subscribe to a category within Flexible Dieting – mostly consisting of eating everything; within reason, of course. I know what my macros are to maintain while I train and I know what they rise to if I want to grow. Both of these sets of macros are deliciously high – maybe Crohns has a few benefits…

You may disagree and say ‘Jamie, that’s a load of crap! It’s chicken, rice and broccoli 5 times a day or nothing!!’ Fair – you may have a point, but I think Flexible Dieting has a massive place in the world of training and dieting. Also, I’ve found that this produces the best results for me. There are some obvious exceptions – cutting for a competition or if you diet is hugely restrictive for medical / health reasons.

If you’re maintaining, bulking or cutting, know you’re macros – then you can embrace the joy of Flexible Dieting.

Keep it simple – training is fun, diet and food can be too. Now, where did I leave that doughnut…


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