How I’m Using the Gym to Grow!

Second month of blogging – second month of renewed efforts in the gym and with training. What’s changed? Theresa May has shot herself in the foot, Trumps’ still trumping & the puppy wee’d on my desk at work yesterday. Among all of these joyous events, I’ve learnt and relearnt more aspects of training then Steven Hawking could shake a stick at.


Two of the more intense training sessions I’ve had ( I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had some one train me. I can now add two further counts to the list). Sessions that focus strictly on form, volume mixed in with drop sets and pauses have really torn certain muscle groups apart. I was walking like John Wayne for 3 days after my first real leg session.

• More mind-muscle connection. How important it is to feel the muscle and contraction has really hit home this week. Focusing on flexion and extensions on movements. SO KEY. Epic DOM’s have been produced. Say that in that car insurance advert voice…

• Intra-carbs – either dosing up my Amino Energy or spooning in some Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin – nom.

• A knock-on, but my appetite is growing. More Flexible-Dieting. Although for me the word dieting doesn’t mean a diet..

• It’s also produced the purchase of a long overdue weight belt – mucho gracias RDX Sports. I’ve never appreciated the hand they give with form and power in compound lifts. Seriously, I recommend to anyone who’s looking to up their game (an obvious statement).

My body does feel different; I feel fuller, marginally stronger and I feel aesthetically I look better Overall I AM changing. The progress of this averagely built 30 year old is going in the right direction, due to direction of a few people. I’m now going in the right direction, one direction. Not the band. I’ve said direction too much in this.




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