The Best Gym Advice You’ll Ever Get!

I made a faint promise at the start of all of this that I’d dispatch the odd bit of world-class advice. Here’s the best gym related tip you’re likely to ever get in your life, ever…

1) When a fellow gym member is performing multiple sets of deadlifts and closely watching his form in the mirror (normally to ensure their head doesn’t pop off), don’t stand directly in front of them, blocking their view while waiting for a YouTube video to load…

…then to only remain there for a further 2-3 minutes!!

Seriously! The man that did this to me yesterday, nearly envoked a Kraken like rage in me and had the barbell bent around his head.

If you’re not going to train seriously and are more concerned about why the latest Little Mix music vid isn’t loading on your overly large IPhone, then do one!

There. That felt really good to write that. 

As you can see – that is the best gym advice you are likely to receive. EVER.

DISCLAIMER: Not sure if it was a Little Mix video or not…


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