Rant #2

Is it me or do some people have more and more people disregard for gym etiquette at the moment? I’m not talking about the generic re-racking of weights, but things that literally boggle my mind to mush.

Three things within the space of 5 minutes last night that made me want to wrap my sweat ladened dumbbell around the unsuspecting peoples heads… 


• Wearing flip-flops – AGAIN- NO!

• A man walking in with his weight belt already on and fully tightened.

I must have done something right in a previous life as I’m yet to encounter the dreaded stringer vest with a flash of nipple at the side. I pray to the god that this doesn’t backfire in this evenings session.

What annoys people when they train? Keen to hear what annoys you so I can lol myself to sleep in this heat.

Anyway – hopefully we’ll be moving away from ye old rants over the next ten days. More updates on my progress, lifts and most likely some BBQ related food noms.



2 thoughts on “Rant #2

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  1. The gym I go to has a 16+ age limit in the weight room, but lately I keep seeing this group of kids who go to the high school I just graduated from who I know for a fact are 14-15. I wouldn’t care, but they are so annoying. Last time I saw them, one of them was doing seated cable rows and his buddies were taking up THREE adjacent cable machines just sitting there, not even resting between sets but just chilling and talking to them. Even when they’re working out, they hog up like 8 different machines and go around in some weird circuit that leaves everything claimed but unused. Long rant but they drive me nuts.


    1. I want to both laugh and cry at this. There’s a slightly smaller squad of teens in my gym like this 😂 More concerned about their reflections in the mirror and tinder then having a solid workout or how annoying anyone else Training. Good rant 👍🏻

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