All I Can Eat

Yes! Food in huge and uncompromising amounts & not the sort that Rabbits are partial to either! These are the days when anyone who trains with even a small degree of seriousness look forward to more then a Pig loves mud. The days when dignity goes out of the window.

This is a day where I have set myself a calorie barrier, a mere macro challenge – 4500. And that’s going to be my minimum. (I have a cardiologist on hand to easy my partners worries on this).

My overall intake was 4880; Before I wrote any of this, 5000 was my aim but in reality that is damn hard to achieve.

The overall breakdown of my gorge reads at circa; C412g, P210g F120g. Little-ish and often works best for me rather then 2-3 absolute monster meals.

Gorge highlights included:

  • Quinoa, Rice and mixed Peppers with Baked Curried Cod – right from the Masterchef annals of amazingness. Mentally simple and awesome macro’s: C42g P31g F9g. The Quinoa and Rice came from M&S. INCREDIBLE. 
  • New York Deli Pastrami Sandwich – Bosh, amazing: C43.5g, P26.3g, F15.7g … There was also a small bag of Cheese & Chive Pretzels C50g, P7.2g, F6g. 
  • Some homemade Pasta with Broccoli, Pepper and Chorizo in a Tomato and Olive Sauce. I’m not going to lie, I made no effort to weigh the ingredients or count the macros. Just know that it was dammmmmn good. 
  • Amongst this I also washed down two helpings of USN Muscle Fuel STS. By the way, I’m getting on really well with this, so if anyone else can’t tolerate protein then this one is a goodun. C59g, P42.6g, F5.8g – per shake. 

It would be great to eat like this consistently, but its near on impossible to balance my day-to-day life and eating like a machine. Although my MyFitnessPal app says if I eat like this for 5 weeks I’ll put on near 3kg… sounds good.

Aside from having my head stuck in a trough of food, I got through one of my two legs sessions for the week – more of a dominance on Quads. Booked out a PB on squats. 2 Sets of 1 on 110kg. Nothing to set the world on fire with, but progression none the less.

Got a more then decent chest session in today too.

I’m now a few months in to my 12 month plan and starting to see some noticeable results from the sessions; strength has increased, I’ve got some more fat loss around my scars and I’m feeling a bit larger but also mobile. I’m going to do more on my Instagram account to document this from now on.

I also added more to my Gymshark collection this week – I’m not even sorry and this is one addiction I’m more then comfortable with! Bank account, maybe not so much.


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